Haughton Park Station & Car Park

Phase 3 - Haughton Park Station & Car Park

Phase three can be undertaken independently or in parallel with the fourth and final phase of the track laying.  The phase will concentrate on the signage, station and car parking at Haughton Park.  It will also be possible to consider some elements of the former Murray woods branch line which existed prior to the Alford to Haughton Park route.

This phase of the project will be developed in partnership with the Friends of Haughton Park who are the community group taking on responsibility for the park.  It represents another opportunity to recruit new volunteers for the relatively simple station refurbishment and to be involved in a sensitively designed car park specifically for the railway.

Our timeframe for this phase is one year with the projected cost in the region of £13,000.

Getting Back on Track

Phase 1 – Alford Station
Phase 2 – Engine Shed/Turntable
Phase 3 – Haughton Park Station
Phase 4 – The Track