Haughton Country Park

The park covers almost forty hectares in area, with large areas of the park covered by naturally regenerated birch woodland with heather understory through which runs a network of paths. A lovely riverside walking path beside the River Don with a pretty wildflower meadow.

The park has ornamental gardens and lawns for recreational use plus a caravan park and putting green. Haughton House contains Farquharson’s Tearoom and Coffee Shop offering freshly made light snacks and home baked treats and hot drinks to takeaway. 

The park provides picnic tables and has two areas of play equipment for children. 

Visitors are welcome to bring their own barbecues to the park but are requested to use the concrete slabs provided in the picnic table area in order to avoid damage to the grass and wooden tables, and also to minimise any fire risk.

Alford Heritage Museum

The museum aims to preserve and share the rural heritage of the North East of Scotland and of the Alford and Donside area in particular.  It is housed in the old market building (The Mart), whose sales ring is still intact, and it has an extensive collection of exhibits relating to farming and rural life.  

Other exciting features of the Museum include the Old Schoolroom, Farmhouse Kitchen, Souter’s workshop. Tailor’s Shop and Old-style Grocer’s Shop.

Grampian Transport Museum

The Grampian Transport Museum boasts an impressive range of transport exhibits, from travelling chariots of the 1800’s, to some of the fastest cars ever made.

The museum is a living museum that probes the past, present and future. Many exhibits are climb aboard, hands on and even ride on!