Youth Development Programme

Today we had a group from the Youth Development Programme incorporating the Prince’s Trust Team Programme at HorseBack UK.

After a quick introduction and history of the railway around Alford we jumped on the train and took a leisurely ride down to Haughton station to show what we had planned.

But the rain had different plans and so we got back into the train and headed into the shed.

There is a plan for refurbishing John C so we decided to move that project on a bit quicker than we had anticipated.

The group removed the roof with gusto and enthusiasm and made quick work of the old rotten roof. We then started to remove all the screws and pins.

Lunch and talking took place in the station which was great to hear what the group had been doing and what plans they have for the future.

After lunch and rewarm we split into two groups and finished cleaning the coach and infilled the gap at the front of the station.

With both jobs completed and everyone in good spirits we said our goodbye’s.

We wish everyone good luck in there future endeavours and hope to see you back at AVCR anytime.

The group were fun to be with and all had there own personalities that came through even in the short time we had together.